MyPaydayPlan Empowers Your Practice

Under the Affordable Care Act, deductibles and co-pays are going up. That means patients will owe you more after services are rendered. In most cases, they won’t be able to pay that obligation all at once. Affordable repayment options will improve your chances of collection.

We can help.

MyPaydayPlan dramatically improves your chances of collection because we offer more repayment options and collect smaller, more affordable amounts when your patient is paid. You’ll be first in line when your patient is paid which means you won’t have to compete with your patients other monthly obligations.

MyPaydayPlan is a unique hybrid payment processing system that collects partial monthly payments when your patient is paid, which is easier for your customers to plan and budget for. These partial payments equal (when totaled) the full monthly payment. These smaller collections are much more attractive to your patients which increases the chances that they will want to enroll in the first place. Recurring, automated ACH collections payments are popular and a proven alternative to processing checks or costly credit cards. That improves your bottom line dramatically. It’s similar to payroll deduction, only better. These smaller amounts accumulate until a full monthly payment is electronically deposited directly into your bank account which is easily reconciled to your billing system. Forgotten payments from your patients will be a thing of the past.

The MyPaydayPlan Solution Puts YOUR PRACTICE in the Drivers Seat.

  • Eliminates or reduces the need for expensive collection agencies
  • Empowers your patient by offering several payment options
  • Strengthens your professional relationship with your patients
  • Automates patient payments so they are never forgotten
  • Sends email and optional text message Payment Notifications to your patients
  • Offers Online Reporting for your practice as well as your patients
  • Enhances your current systems by keeping your accounting cycle "intact" without disruption
  • Designed and Fully Tested by a CPA
  • Includes Change Management Strategy, Implementation, and "One-on-One" Training
  • Strenthens internal control for your Accounts Recievable work process

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